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Choose protein Rich Diet for Healthy Body

Diet plan has become necessary for people because the problems related to obesity are growing more with time. There are many ways to reduce body weight and the relevant plan with protein diet can successfully make them fit. Protein has many benefits for the body and it can majorly help you to lose weight. ProteinHouse is definitely a great move in this aspect. Andy Bick has introduced the best way to get the protein power through natural products and snacks giving the protein benefits in a natural way.

Diet plans in the latest research indicates that protein has a lot to give for people looking for bodybuilding, weight control and increasing body metabolism. It is always better to choose the natural products and eatables rich in protein and Andy Bick has introduced the franchise of his food chain ProteinHouse in major parts of the US. The major problem people face in dieting programs is the difficulty in feeling hungry all the time. Protein rich diet would also help in reducing your cravings for eating and hence, Andy Bick has made it feasible for people to eat good in general or on diet periods.

Protein rich snacks will help in controlling the cravings for carbohydrates. Carbohydrates can attract your brain to get more of the same stuff. It can make you feel hungry all the time and also, results in accumulation of fat. If you eat protein with less of carbohydrates, it will reduce the craving for food.

The inclusion of protein in breakfast can help in losing the weight and enhances the metabolic rate. The daily intake of protein can build lean muscles and maintaining appropriate health. More lean muscles in your body will correspond to burning of calories in a better way. It can prevent the body

from side effects from other parts of the body. The body having less protein will begin to lose weight from other organs, like heart and muscles.

In general, there are majorly three phases of protein power diet plan:

  • Intervention: It is the primary phase of protein diet plan and requires least consumption of carbohydrates in the meal. You can consume up to 10 gm of carbs per meal. The protein consumption can be more (check with diet plan) and calculations are made on the basis of different formulations and need of specific human beings.
  • Transition: This phase will result in increase in carbohydrates, which goes up to 50 gm in a day.
  • Maintenance: This is the final phase in which the amount of carbohydrates have to be consumed without having gain in the body weight.

All food items are not same and you need to know the nutrition values before making your selection. ProteinHouse by Andy Bick is the initiative to focus on protein rich food and offering the best quality and protein rich food options. The products like beef, eggs, turkey, chicken, pork, a few grains, dry beans, some fruits and non-starch vegetables are included in protein rich diet. A few food items are prohibited, which are only fat accumulators: rice, pasta, cereal, pop corns, peas, sweet fruits and refined sugar.

Protein is the macronutrient supporting lean mass in the body; which is the bone and muscle tissue. Protein can repair, grow and maintain the body tissues. Working out, running and daily activities can cause wear and tear of muscles. Whenever you are following any exercising regime, it will require appropriate intake of proteins to avoid the weakening of muscles. Lifting weight or following diet plan can be highly effective for the muscle gain. Andy Bick has revolutionized the way of eating and has given more emphasis to protein rich diet as a source for building stronger muscles, skin, hair, nails and internal organs. Protein can enhance your metabolic rate by consuming more calories. It makes better metabolic rate for the body, which is termed as thermic effect of the food. Food needs to be broken down to get absorbed to attain energy. Protein requires more energy rather than burning fats or carbohydrates to be utilized by the body.

Supplements can’t only help you in all the way and Andy Bick has proved it by naturally substituting protein in the diet. The aim behind ProteinHouse is to build better scope to maintain healthy body. It promotes growth of lean muscles and makes you fit from inside as well as outside. You will love your body if it becomes healthy and choosing a fit lifestyle will make you happy all the way.

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