What is IRB?

IRB refers to Institutional Review Board. Any research conducted by American University affiliates involving the use of human subjects for keeping the assurance for rights and welfare of human subjects is undertaken by this board.


What is IRB?American University aims at undertaking ethical research for facilitating the staff, faculty and students to conduct researches in an efficient and timely way. The aim of IRB is to review and approve the research with the pre-defined protocols meant for regulating the products/services with human welfare terms. IRB has fixed rules and regulations for federal funded research for protection of human subjects and supporting the required reports. IRB strives to create awareness, respect and welfare of human rights with the subjects treated in a quality-based mode.

IRB approval

IRB gives approval with Human Subjects research. You need to get research through human subjects for completion of IRB process. IRB has many projects of pre-existent data and the collected information. There is proper process followed with the pre-defined steps for IRB approval.

Deadline and Schedule Meeting

The protocols are completed and reviewed with the receipt. There are some exemptions for the protocols pre-decided by the board. There are board reviews required to be received about 2 weeks ahead of the meeting. The meetings are usually take place on 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month. IRB meeting includes all the protocols meant for rights and welfare of human beings. There are many non-compliance actions, which need to be excluded from the data.

The forms have to be submitted to IRB at least one month before the beginning of the research. It has become mandatory for getting IRB approval before floating any product/ service in the market. It is necessary to do so for avoiding any troubles later on. IRB approval is necessary for best results for the welfare of human rights.